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– Tamborí tastings of the Catalan federation

From the Catalan tambourine federation, we want to give the maximum facilities to educational centers so that children can enjoy and practice a different sport. So for a small fee, a trainer from the federation would come to teach the tambourine class with all the equipment for the children.


– Tambourine is for you! 22 centers have been able to enter

What is?

The sports promotion program that brings specific proposals for physical activity and sport to the educational centers of the city of Barcelona during school hours and is aimed at all students in early childhood, primary and secondary education.

How to participate?

Teachers must register through the website of the School Activities Program (PAE) promoted by the Pedagogical Coordination Council of Barcelona City Council:

What does it offer?

Teaching: theoretical and practical teacher training given by specialized sports technicians and access to the relevant teaching materials to work on each of the contents.

Loan sports equipment: service for registered teachers that provides specific equipment to support the practice of each of the proposals or disciplines.

Work with the students: specific practice sessions in the educational center, with the physical education teachers.

Great sports day: shared meeting with students from other schools.


In the Pau Negre field


January 25 - 5th grade

March 22- ESO

May 31 - 5th grade



– Do you want to do tambourine extracurriculars but families have few resources?

The "Convivim Esportivament" program aims to promote sports practice, its values and the social dynamics it generates, as transforming elements of neighborhoods to promote integration and social cohesion.

 Through the program, a series of joint actions with educational centers and entities are promoted, and the transformation of the dynamics that generate social exclusion.


– Participate in a Meeting! 

You've tried tambourine at school and want to form a team to play against other schools. Now you can compete!


June 11


La Mar Bella Sports Complex, Barcelona


From 9:00 to 14:00


– School League

Round trip league with 5 teams. Each day there will be 7 matches of 45 minutes.

Dates held:

March 11 Puigvert

April 1 St. Isle

May 6, Sunday

June 11 final in the beautiful sea

Apart from the league as we know it, there will also be a league of values where the referee at the end of the match will value with a traffic light (green/orange/red) values such as camaraderie, fair play, respect arbit, the hobby...). The winners will one day go to a party in Barcelona where they will meet the winners of other sports.

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