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The 14th Catalan League begins

What is?

It is a traditional sport from the north of Italy and the south of France that takes the name of the instrument with which it is played: the tambourine. It is considered the forerunner of tennis since the similarities with this sport are multiple.

tambori tamburello

School tambourine

tambori escolar

The tamborí is currently starting to be introduced in different centres in Catalonia, both in institutes and in schools. Resource centres, the Barcelona Esports Institute of the Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Drumming Federation or the purchase of their own material are already up and running.


From the Federation we try to make this innovative proposal reach as many teachers, educational centres and resource centres as possible, and any reference to the network of schools that use the tamborí as an educational medium is extended.
If you are interested in using tamborines in your didactic programmes, please contact us at the following address:


Thanks for contacting!

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