Federació Catalana de Tamborí
Federació catalana de tamborí

What is?

It is a traditional sport in northern Italy and southern France adopted the name of the device used to play: the tamburello. It is considered the precursor of tennis as the sport with similarities are many.


6è Torneig Tambeach Cubelles

El passat diumenge es va jugar el 6è Torneig de Tambeach de Cubelles. Tot anava bé fins que el fort vent i les tronades van fer abandonar la Platja de La Mota. A la sèrie Or de dobles s'estaven jugant les semifinals i la plata i bronze només faltava les finals per...

School tamburello

Currently the tamburello being introduced at different centers in Catalonia, both institutes like schools. Either through resource centers, the Barcelona Sports Institute of the City of Barcelona, the Catalan Federation of tamburello or purchase its own material.

Since the Federation try to bring this innovative proposal to all teachers, schools and resource centers as we can, and every year the network of schools that use the tamburello as an educational tool is extended.
If you are interested in using in your tamburellos educational programs, please contact us at the following address: info@tamcat.org


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