Federació Catalana de Tamborí
Federació catalana de tamborí

The tournament

Dear players,

The Catalan Tamburello Federation (FCT) and Tambeach Garraf Sporting Association are organising the 13th International Tambeach Catalonia on 7th and 8th of September 2019, with the collaboration of Vilanova i la Geltrú (Platja del Far).

After 12 successful years, the tournament is still running and we want that another year you enjoy yourself.

· 24 Women couples

· 14 GOLD men couples and 10 SILVER women couples

· 32 Mixed couples

· 32 Men single players

· 32 Women single players

· Child

*In case some category doesn’t arrive at the maximum of players, and there is another category with players who are waiting for the registration, the organization would give priority to the players according to the date arrival of the registration.

Please find below the most relevant changing features added to this current edition of the tournament:

1.- Do you prefer GOLD or SILVER?

This is only for men’s category. As number of players has increased significantly, we do not want you to lose interest on the competition. Therefore we like you to choose the right level that suits you the best.

GOLD LEVEL: Do you want to challenge the best tambeach players? Then this is your level. Top level, reserved to the most experienced players.

SILVER LEVEL: Do you want to play, enjoy and get sweaty avoiding to face top tambeach players? Then this is your level. Lower level, reserved to those players who do not want to play at high level. Only if you arrive to the finals, you can play also in GOLD category on Sunday!


Not getting tired enough playing doubles? Needing a couple? Do you want to show your tambeach skills up on the sand?

If you play only one or two categories, you will play previous round. If you play three categories you’re going to the KO round. You win, you pass; you lose, you’re out!